I’m still here.

…but I’m finally all packed & ready to go, just in case…!


Yesterday’s “Due Date” came & went without any excitement at all. I didn’t even have a bet on the Cup! I have a Doctor’s appointment this afternoon which I am dragging The Boy along to for the first time because I feel I’ll need a little moral support – she was already talking about “moving things along next week…” at my 39 week appointment.

I am sick of all the appointments & fussing, & wish we were having this bubba at the RPA Birth Centre where Le Punk was born & I felt more supported & empowered, but I’m not. I’m in ‘the country’ now, & apparently, things are different here. I am very confident that bubba#2 will come when he’s ready. Punk was a week late, so today, at one day “overdue”, I am not in the least bit concerned.

Wish me luck for my appointment. I hope she doesn’t make me cry… but it’s really not that hard these days….


  1. Good luck and love Mrs!
    Thinking of you and the fam. X

  2. Yes in the country you don't get so much choice lol

    Goodluck! Waiting past your due date can seem like *forever*. (as if the first 9 months weren't long enough!)

  3. Oh poor love. Busy was 2 weeks overdue ( and wasn't i in a great mood about it- it was summer) and she still had that white stuff on her, so I KNOW she wasn't "overdue" as they say. I hope she doesn't make you cry, thinking of you LOTS! xxx

  4. I hope this afternoons appointment goes well, try to take it easy you'll be cuddling & enjoying that little baby before you know it!

  5. Hang in there, kid. All of my six were late...one went 2 weeks over! When the time is right...

  6. Wishing you all the best. I am not a huge believer in "due" dates. I think each bub will come when they are ready just like our cycles do and their hunger pains, etc. Cherrie

  7. You're completely right, Vic, you don't have to be concerned at all.

    My daughter was "overdue" because the Doctor didn't calculate the date right. And that's why I had an abdominal delivery in the end. And she was NOT overdue. In one way, I wish I would have had the confidence to just say "No! You're not going to induct labour! She's not due yet!", but in the end I'm just glad that she's a healthy little girl.

    So ALL THE BEST, Vic, really, from the heart <3.

  8. all the best Vic!
    Thinking of you xx

  9. Hey! Don't let them push you around, whether you're in the country or the city you have choices!!
    I'm not a fan of "doctors". Can you tell?

  10. Hey Vic, im thinking of ya, lots of love xxx

  11. Hugs my dear - oh I have started the knitting of the bot too:) Very exciting - although I must admit that I think that I am un knitting as must a knitting:)

  12. Hang in there, Vic! Both mine arrived past their EDD too. I much preferred letting little owlet decide on her birthday, although the wait was hard. Just remember you are steering the boat. Strength to you lovely mama and wishing you a beautiful birth whenever it happens. All my love. xxx

  13. Oooh, super pregnant. Hope you are "comfortable" and gathering your strenth to stand firm in your birth choices.
    Just letting you know you have won a Betty Jo skull brooch in the Find, Make, Do giveaway so could you please email me your mailing address. If you are in hozzie he will be a nice surprise when you get home.
    All the best, Liz aka Betty Jo xxx

  14. How did it go???
    Hope you're okay. Thinking of you every day.
    ... sending you lots of positive vibes and best wishes.

  15. I hope she doesn't make you cry!
    I am sending lots of good thoughts and happy baby showing up vibes.
    Much love to you and the family!

  16. She didn't make me cry thankfully... Have to have a US & CTG scanning on tuesday & see her again Tuesday; she wants to induce no later than 10 days over, before if she's concerned about the US or something... :(

    Fingers crossed it doesn't come to that....

  17. ahem.

    YOU are steering this ship. Not Dr. Whoever. Hold your ground. Your little man knows exactly when to have HIS birthday.

    Puhh-lenty of baby-chinos are "late" and remember 'normal' is 38-42 weeks. I was 'late' with mine.

    It is excruciating and does your head in at times.

    I found it best to "hibernate" -- meaning... no phone, no facebook, no nosy do-gooders... so that the pressure was released - I wasn't surrounded by, "you're STILL pregnant!?" and "you MUST be ready to have that baby..."

    Sometimes it's best to not hear that crap at all.

    Have sex.
    eat curry.
    don't drink castor oil.
    go to your homeopath for a remedy.

    most importantly... relax and let what will be happen naturally.

    if you need to talk - give me a ring.


  18. Awww..I know how you feel. It can be very frustrating when they get all 'medical' on you and all you want is for your body and baby to be left to do their 'thang'

    I am due in 4 weeks and my Ob said she wouldnt let me go over 10 days either. Izzy was early so I am crossing my fingers that this is the same as I cant be induced (would have to have a CS)

    Anyhoo, I agree with Amy...Sometimes we just need to assert ourselves a little more than we should have to or want to!

    Best of luck! x

  19. My sister managed to avoid being induced by taking cod liver oil - disgusting results, but she made the baby arrive on its own!

    I wonder if our baby's going to be overdue. My husband was due in March and was born in May, which scares the pants off me :)

  20. Actually, I think it was castor oil - and one of the other commenters says not to take it, so just ignore me :)

    Good luck standing up to the doctors. Your little one will come when he's ready.

  21. ok so bub has 10 days to get his butt into gear lol that's plenty of time!!
    It'll all happen soon it's just all these silly dr apt that make you stress

  22. Thinking of you Vic, won't be long now and yes when he is ready he will come. Take care xxx

  23. Hope baby makes an appearance before anyone else tries to get him moving. Worst comes to worst just don't turn up to the appointment on day 10. It's not like they can do anything to you. They wanted to induce me if I went 10 days over but it would have been my birthday so I flat out refused to turn up. Baby arrived 6 days over, clever thing. Stand firm, it's your body and your baby and despite their air of "we know best" they aren't you and they are looking out for their own insurance liabilities. Good luck.


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