Yesterday we had a bit of a mail – malfunction; the parcel guy left two big parcels for ME at a neighbours house! Luckily, said neighbour knows The Boy from work & knew that the “Little Spencer” one parcel was co-addressed to was his new baby…! *phew!*

Anyway, when the parcels finally got to their rightful destination, their contents were revealed, making all joyful & full of good cheer….


A Christmas present for Suspense (Yup… that’s what I’ve been calling him. I can’t help it. Nicknames are my thing…), & WHAT a Christmas present! GORGEOUS, funky, funny, cute… the best robot ever pretty much, from Cath


…& a special wee girl bunny for me to stitch up & stuff for Le Punk (Thank you sweetness – she loves it even now..!).

As if that weren’t enough to set my heart a-flutter, I had to take deep breaths when opening the next parcel… fluff!


A long-awaited nappy lay-by… lovely!

I am very concerned for the state of mind of our parcel guy however – I get quite a few parcels delivered here, you’d think he’d know by now…? Perhaps the Christmas postal rush is starting & making the poor guy frazzled… I DON’T CARE! Don’t give my lovely mail to other people! BAD PARCEL GUY! Yikes!


And now for something completely different, an irrelevant picture of my little chick magnet:


Have a great weekend kiddies, & fellow Victorians; don’t forgot to vote… if only so you don’t get fined for it later – there certainly isn’t much to choose from….


  1. Oh dear, i used to get neighbours' pacels all the time in our last house!! I have a PO box, makes life very easy, but sometimes only a courier will do!!
    Totally cute baby you made there at the end, gorgeous!! Love Posie

  2. I am so glad you love the robot!! he is so cute. I hope suspense likes him too and I hope Punky likes the bunny when she is all stitched up. xx

  3. What an absolutely wonderful package, I love it all.

    That chick magnet top is AWEsome!

  4. Holy Moly those nappies are awesome, I might get me some from rump-a-rooz to add to my collection of Lara's extremely ones. They are so gorgeous!! Naughty parcel guy by the way!! xxx

  5. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Where have I been ? I can't believe I missed Spences big arrival - CONGRATULATIONS, and a Scorpio no less, Scorpios are the best *ahem* yes, I may just be a Scorpio too :) xxx

  6. What gorgeous parcels including the little chick magnet! Hey Mr Postie get back on your game mate!!! Our Vic needs all her packages and on time thanks :-)

  7. I LOVE the Suspence!! I think that is the best nick name I've ever heard.
    He is adorable, of course so is the robot, bunny and tee shirts.
    But I can't get over the Suspence.

  8. Awwww beoooootiful little chick magnet :) Congratulations X


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