I LOVE the iBert seat!!

...seriously. How did we ever get by without it?! Oh that's right, I had to walk everywhere pushing the chariot, with Little Punk whinging & trying to escape!!

Bright green mean machine is much better.

Punky is actually excited about going out on the bike! She gets upset if I leave her with The Boy & ride off without her infact... it really is love.

We rode the bike to swimming today - Little Punk was the sole pupil! Don't know what kept the other little minows away, but Punky didn't like it! She loves seeing the other babies & because they weren't there Punky had to do alot more work than usual lol, no slacking off in the pool today... ;)

AND... We got chickens! They are so, so cute, but I'm yet to take the camera out there - slack I know. After much um-ing & ah-ing, their names were decided;

Foofa (White with black specks)

Henny Penny (Red)

Cybil (Black) &

Mab (Tan & Black)

Holly Dog keeps harrassing them, hopefully the novelty will wear off soon & she will leave them be.

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  1. Ours arrived today!!!!
    Tis on the bike, Steve is still working out how to have both bert and the basket attached, but I think he's onto something. Off to buy a helmet for Z in the morning and away we go!!
    Thanks so much Vic, it is awesome!


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