Excitement abounds.....

...here this morning! Oh... oops, I mean afternoon... how did that happen..?!

Just had a knock at the door, Mr Postie, baring gifts, yay!


Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear and Babywear 3rd addition my Winifred Aldrich.

I put the voucher I won on CM towards this so ended up only paying $35 all up for a book which can retail for $82.95!! Yeah! It's nice & weighty with a delicious new book smell... can't wait to get stuck into it!

And this;

Volume four of Torpedo magazine - a tribute to Richard Brautigan. Brautigan is my absolute favourite author of all time, ever and The Boy's little bro let me know about this, can't wait to read it either, it also came with some gorgeous prints of artists interpretations of his writing, they really are divine.

Now, no more spending!! (Until next Thursday... Stitches & Craft show, here I come!!)

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  1. Enjoy the book! I wish I could find the time to use mine. Please inspire me to do something with it! :)


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