Softies for Mirabel.

I’ve been having trouble deciding what to make for Softies for Mirabel this year. I printed out Amy’s Moxie the Doxie pattern earlier, SURE that a sausage for Mirabel would be the way to go, but now I don’t know.


I want to make an adorable sausage or seven, I do, but I would also like to make something unique for the special child that will end up with my softie.


My heart aches when I think too much about why Softies for Mirabel even exists, why the Mirabel foundation exists; I wish it didn’t have to, but I’m glad it does.


One of the hardest parts of deciding what to make is deciding who it will be for. A little girl like mine? A baby boy like mine? An older girl like my little sister?


It’s a bit like at Christmas time when I choose a gift to leave at a charity gift appeal. Then I ALWAYS choose a grandpa because I don’t have one of my own any more & I feel like they are amongst the loneliest people at Christmas if they don’t have family.


I wish I had more time. I wish I was faster at sewing (& thinking!). I wish just making a toy could make a bigger difference…. but I will have to be happy with the small difference it might make. The small comfort it might be to a child that needs some large comfort.

If you intend to make a softie too, they need to be with Pip by the 5th of December.

Pictures in this post are from the Softies for Mirabel flickr group, click the picture for the link.


  1. oh they are all so cute! I want to make something but it will have to be after the wedding and honeymoon. Hopefully I can get something made in time. Now all I have to do is choose what to make!!!

  2. This is the first I have heard of this project ... now frantically wondering if I have time to make something and get it across an ocean before the closing date!


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