My Place and Yours.

Hey guys; here we are again! Before we get into this week’s theme, let me apologise once again for my “God, this meme is an unmitigated disaster!” anxiety attack; I promise it won’t happen again (…unless, um, this meme is an unmitigated disaster…). I really appreciate everybody who joins in throughout the week, speaking of which, there were some top submissions for the “Where I sleep” theme, so many comfy cosy nooks to snooze in! You can take a sticky here.

This week’s theme is from Jody Pearl (If you haven’t suggested a theme yet, feel free to leave one in the comments);

“My Favourite Piece of Clothing”

I believe the original sentiment was “My favourite frock”, but we like to be inclusive here at MPAY & I know one of my favourite knitting superheros might not want to frock up… even for me.



Again with this theme, be as creative or as literal as you like, you can wear it, snap it in situ in your wardrobe, stick it on a scarecrow… anything goes really, as long as you observe the following;

  • My Place & Yours starts on Saturday but you can join in any day throughout the week.

  • Link back here somewhere in your MPAY post so that people know where to come to join in – the more the merrier!

  • To play, take a photo or a bunch of photos of or relating to the theme & leave the link to your post in the list below. The photos can be as fancy pants & stylised as you like, or they can be quick & dirty via an instagram pic – whatever you like. If you would like to write a little something, a lot of something or nothing at all, that’s cool with me.

  • Do try to pop by & visit some of the other players & let them know what you think of their posts.

  • Have fun!


    1. Yay. great theme. Now off to look in my wardrobe.

    2. What a great theme - although I may cheat somewhat and do my wedding dress : )
      A theme I was thinking about the other day is "On the Dining Room Table" - I think alot of people use their dining room table for different things

    3. How lucky was I that I had actually bought my favourites with me! Thanks for a great theme this week Vic.

    4. hey, how are you? just popped round for a chat, a biscuit and of course some tea ♥

    5. Oh YAY! I love this one!!
      The only thing is narrowing it down to one. perhaps i can have a favourite one from each catergory Like pants, cardi , dress.
      And Vic remember what I do to shoes, well all I can say is i cant wait for you to see my red cardi ;) xo

    6. Right I've had my bickie and my tea so I'm off now to play .

    7. Great theme! I knew straight away what it would be. Usually I have trouble playing favourites.

    8. Excellent theme, didn't have to ponder :) Have a wonderful week Vic. xo.

    9. Great theme again this week Vic.... I'm having way too much fun playing

    10. Hi Vic,love to join in this week!Have a great week!!

    11. Hey Vic, a lovely theme, although I struggled. I don't have many photographs of myself, let alone my clothing. Still, I rose to the challenge.

    12. Even though I didn't do me, I still joined in!

    13. haha! this might be time to whip out the pink outfit i promised! thanks for the mention, lovely! :)

    14. It took me a while to think of mine and I'm so glad I did!!

    15. Yay loving this one and so glad you're not a stickler for the rules cos I bent them again!


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