The Presets.

Thought I best join in the MPAY fun before it’s over, so here is my favourite item of clothing.


I can’t wear it now because even though it fits “in theory” my 2-bubba-jelly-belly makes it all kinds of unflattering, so I’ve had it packed away in a vintage suitcase with apparently my entire band shirt collection; some of which I am totally going to bust out around the house now that I’ve unearthed them, although just moments ago the notion of turning them all into a t-shirt quilt crossed my mind.



This Presets shirt in particular is my #1 band shirt because the design is awesome, the band is awesome & because it reminds me of some awesome times (…so, in case you missed it, it’s all pretty awesome…). This photo was taken at the Big Day Out in Sydney where later Mr’s lil’bro (that’s him!) & I went to a gig where the drummer was doing a solo show in a tiny bar. I literally bumped into him getting a drink & almost died of embarrassment right then & there, wearing a shirt of his band & all. I felt like a tool & a half, but I still love the shirt.


If you’ve yet to join in with My Place And Yours this week, you’ve still got time, post about your favourite item of clothing & link up over here.


  1. Here's where I confess that even at my age, I love techno/dance music... including the Presets! I think I might have to go to a rave when I get some new lungs. Wanna come with???

  2. Hilarious Curly pops!
    And I so wish I 'd kept some band T-shirts. But mine would have been Wham! Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran. A giveaway to my age!

  3. eep it's too hard to pick one!!!

    but i love your shirt for all the same reasons you do! i love all your band shirts :)

  4. Oh, band t-shirts. Is there any better kind of t-shirt? The answer is no of course! Well, except for a Goonies shirt! ;p

  5. Love the Presets - I have the same t-shirt!

  6. I don't think I ever had a band T Shirt. My kids have definitely made up for that though!

  7. Tanja's pregnant sister says her baby kicks when she plays the Presets.

    And I have a few fits-in-theory shirts I can bear to get rid of, ncluding one of Neil Gaiman's Death which I adore.


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