More Birthday.



It was such a good day yesterday; even Mother Nature decided to show off for Spence’s birthday, which is appreciated. After presents, lunch & cake, we decided to head down to the beach for the afternoon where I discovered, upon trudging up a bunch of steps from the sand, I am even more unfit than I thought I was.


Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes – I still don’t want to believe my wee man is one already, that must have been the fastest year in history. Thanks also for the comments about the cake; I know you’re just being nice, but I appreciate it. It was such an ordeal; I really, really, really, really don’t like making birthday cakes.



I don’t like baking very much in the first place, but pair that with trying to ice the damn thing & make it look halfway presentable – just so that it can be demolished in a matter of moments – it is not at all my idea of a good time.



Halfway through the process I said to Mr that it’s just as well I don’t go the Women’s Weekly cake route; there would be tears from everyone involved. As it is I kind of just make it up as I go along – ditching the dodgey pieces of cake & using icing as a kind of fix all super-glue. I’ve already asked Punk what sort of cake she wants for her birthday & she said “pink”. I’m pretty sure THAT, I can do.



  1. It would appear that it was a fabulous day for the little mister, all round.

    Vic, you decorate cakes the way you draw. They are fantastic. Next time buy the cake (and don't feel guilty about it) then do your thing.

  2. Happy, happy birthday to your most gorgeous little man!! Sure looks like a wonderful weekend. LOVE that cake, it is brilliant. I hope 1-2 is just as much fun but with more sleep.

    ps. Is that thriftaholic thing your design? Can I use it? LOve!!

  3. Holy Cow, what amazingly gorgeous photos! So thrilled to hear it was a good day. You must like making cakes just a little, else-wise you just wouldn't. Of course, like me, I suspect it's more about being a Muma than whether or not you like making cakes.

    ps. awful chuffed to see that pretty girl in that dress!

  4. I made the mistake of journeying down the women's weekly route. I reckon all new Mama's should be warned. You are a wise woman for avoiding it. I have learnt my lesson and will be taking the simple road next time round. Love your seaside images

  5. That cake was AWSOME - dont put yourself down Missy. It really really was cool. I want one like that - I buy my cakes madam - few I have made which have been easy icecream cakes. No guilt.

    I am the same about my little one growing as well. BUt happy as well. I am enjoying the changes and growth he is making to turn into a little man. Minus the tantrums and whinging!

  6. We weren't just being nice - it was a truly impressive cake. Now I could show you some less than impressive cakes, if only digital cameras had been around then(what a shame).e.g a dolly cake that looked more like a stripper jumping out of a cake!

  7. I can certainly identify with that nagging realisation halfway through cake decorating, that you're not in any way *enjoying* this massive ordeal. Next year I'm going to limit myself to an ordinary cake with coloured icing and lollies stuck on, and see how create I can get within those simple boundaries.

  8. I'm totally in love with Punk's dress. I would love to find something like that for my little girl (although I'm fairly sure she wouldn't wear it as it's not pink).


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