I love the smell of burnt wood in the morning.

Hey. How’s things? You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a bit quieter than usual of late; not posting as much & not stooging around your blogs as much… I’ll be honest, I’ve just not been feeling it lately. Subconsciously blogging has been put on the back burner. I’m thinking less about it, have been less inclined to take pictures to post & I haven’t had a whole lot of time to peruse other blogs or make something to talk about on my own.

I’ve been here before, so I know I’ll get back into it again with vigour, but I just wanted to let anyone who might be wondering know that all is well in the Punky household, I’m just busy & tired… but who isn’t?

I had some lovely mail this morning. A surprise parcel from Bec – a shirt each for Le Punk & Suspence, a cute pillowcase & the most fabulous Dr Seuss bib… “just because”. Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t she awesome? I love mail like that. Not for the gorgeous presents, but for the thought. For the effort. It makes me all gooey in the middle like an undercooked cupcake.


My other parcel was something I’ve been waiting weeks for. With a shaking hand I ripped into the cardboard & was hit with the most wonderful smell of burnt wood.


I can’t actually properly describe how I felt when I saw these little laser-cut pieces in my hands… I had designed these things myself, with an illustration program I know little about, a technique I know even less about & a technology I had never used before. Pride, excitement, wonder, relief… revelation? I don’t think that’s too strong a word; I have found something that combines some of my absolute favourite things (…drawing & design, messing about on the computer & getting mail!) & my mind is buzzing with the possibilities. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt like this… maybe when I had my first Photoshop class years ago? It’s that big. It’s that fascinating to me. So new & so exciting.


Lastly, a quick cushion swap update; the cushion covers are rolling in now! There have been some amazing covers created & now that they are arriving at their destinations there is a lot of cushion love in the air. I am also chuffed to report that the participants in this swap are stellar people; not a single piker so far, & I’m only waiting on one person to let me know where they are up to, so thanks guys for being awesome & making it so easy for me to run a fun swap.


Have a great week; I might be around but if I’m not, I’ll be snuffling burnt wood & making grand plans to take over the world with a small laser-cut army of mechanical animals.


  1. world domination via wooden bunnies... you know how to keep us reading no matter how long you stay away!

  2. Glad all is well. Maybe this cold weather is dulling our blogging enthusiasm. I've been finding it an effort of late too. Yay for yummy mail from generous people. Wow. Those laser cuts are awesome.
    (Oh, and yay for winning blog book giveaways ;) That should make you feel even more chipper today!)

  3. Vic I have felt in a similar way the last few weeks.

    Aren't those laser cuts adorable...I love them :)

  4. Those laser cuts are just the inspiration you need! What are you going to do with them? That's the exciting bit!

  5. Love the sound of the Dr Seuss bib!
    And those laser cuts look brilliant - can't wait to see what you're doing with them!x

  6. been feeling very much the same of late.
    LOVE your laser cuts though, wow, your mind must be popping with ideas xo

  7. Well I'm sure you'll find time to blog about winning Chunky Chooky's You Sew, Girl! giveaway! I'd be seething with jealousy if I hadn't won something myself recently. ;-)

  8. Your wooden bunny looks amazing. And blogging is only worth it when you are having fun with it. You are wise to take your time.

  9. glad to hear from you!
    hope you get some chill out time soon.
    loving those little wittle bunnies & looking forward to see what you makin!

  10. I'm feeling the same lately (see last blog post) - can't be bothered, not excited etc.
    Your laser cuts look great, excuse my ignorance, but what do you use them for? I know next to nothing about the whole thing but the idea of using computers to cut stuff with lasers is pretty far out!

  11. Roll with the blogging blah - concentrate on the world domination I say! I'd love to meet my end being neutralized by an army of cog-powered bunnies :)

  12. Quick question, did you say you designed these and then had them cut? If so where, when and how?


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