Carve it up.

I am joining in with a brooch swap & have deferred the actual brooch part for now while having fun with what I might attach the brooch to when it’s finished (…although “finished” might suggest a more labour-intensive piece than I have in mind. Something literally jumped out at me this morning that I think would be great, but I don’t know whether my swapee would be thrilled or incredibly disappointed…!).


I broke out the speedball carving tool I got from Holly’s class at Stitches & Craft a couple of years ago & attacked a few erasers last night.


What do you think of “Geek Amour”? I think I like it. I think I have grand plans, but, if I’m honest, I usually do.

(…and thank you everyone for empathising with me over yesterday’s post; I bet you all wouldn’t cry at an oppy in front of old ladies, but it’s nice of you to say you would….!!! xx)


  1. How can you miss with anything STAMPED?

    PS. In reference to the op shop debacle: AAAARRRRGGHH! And last week I made it a rule that I was not allowed to apologise for anything that wasn't my fault. I have a theory that it would be better if those rude pushing past stranger types deal with their own accountability.

  2. Hahahha nah i would cry....but most of all i nearly always cry at the Doctors...and i am not a cry type person..i'm just so grateful for their help.

  3. OMG! vic, i LOVE this! i just bought myself some lino and cutting tools and tried for the first time ever to make a stamp and print on the weekend!! so. much. fun!!!

    you are either a total pro at this cutting business or you have very special tools - how do you get such amazing clear lines in your text?

    Geek Amour is sheer brilliance too - divine! sure gets me excited! :)

  4. When I saw the carved stamps my first thought was "I must introduce you to Holly!" But it sounds like you must have met her at the same time I did.

    To be honest I thought the 'Geek Amour' one said 'Geek Amar'. Love the concept and the sentiment, so maybe just ignore me!

    I was thinking today about crying in front of the op shop ladies and realised I wouldn't do it if I was alone, but it is something I occasionally resort to if I've got a baby with me, to achieve a faster result and make the person feel even worse about not giving me my own way.

  5. Awesome stamps!!! Stamp carving is on my list of 101 things in 1001 days. I have seen carving tools at our local craft store but can only find lino to carve. Do you just use normal old white erasers? Are they easy to carve?

  6. Loving your stamps - I want to do that too!

  7. this looks fabulous! You must have steady hands...

  8. Love your work! Font is what i fear the most in carving stamps - yours rocks. I want to see more!!

  9. Glad to see your not 'hard pressed' for ideas...lol... Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  10. Yup- love the geek amour.... but hen, I'm a bit of a geek myself. I even wear glasses. (And I cry anywhere).

  11. Creative genius YES! Stamping is awesome. As for crying, give me a place and I'll do it sooky la la that I am.

  12. tidy work ms vic. swap fever has struck! got my cushion today. thanks for all your hard work co-ordinating.

    ps i'm a huge sooky la-la and cry at the drop of a hat. always have and probably always will.


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