Excuse me, is this a piece of your brain?

I found this ace microscope set at the oppy for Suspence’s room earlier this week. It was $5. I was happy. Then I bought a bunch of clothes for the kids at another oppy… & that’s when I lost a piece of my brain.


The total was $19. I paid & went on my way; only realising when I was in the supermarket that I had gone into the oppy with a $50 note, paid $19 & left with $1. Crap.

So back I went to the oppy in a bit of an anxious state, only to find the lady that served me had gone home & the woman in her place looking at me as though I was trying to scam her out of $30 with my obviously made up story about change & clothes & absentmindedness.


After explaining the whole thing again to the manager, & receiving the same look of disbelief… I burst into tears. Yep. Right there at the counter of one of my local oppies, with two grumpy looking old ladies glaring at me. Smooth.

The manager told me to come back in the morning & if the till was over $30 (an outcome she obviously thought was not very likely) I could get my money back, so I left, feeling stupid both for crying & not noticing I was short-changed in the first place.


I rang in the morning to make sure the till was over & the woman seemed much nicer when she said that it was. Relieved, I went down to pick up the money but was met again by Ms Dour, who grudgingly handed me $30 while grumbling “Next time you’re in here, make sure you get the right change. This is against our policy, but the till was $30 over so I’m making an exception.”

And you know what happened next? Can you guess?

I said “Oh. Yes. Sorry about that.”

Uh-huh. I apologised for them short-changing me & having them give me my money back.


But the microscope is cool, huh?


More finds with Sophie, here.


  1. Oh that's a bad/good story - crappy service but good you got your money back. The microscope is very cool!

  2. Glad you got the money back (think I would've cried too!) Luckily the microscope is so cool it makes up for it all!

  3. Thank goodness you got your change back! I would have cried too... sheesh... it's hard earned money!

  4. Great find and what a story to go along with it!

  5. Oh Vic I hate that story. I would have done all the same things you did for sure. Gives me a tummy ache. I'm so pleased they gave you your cash back though. A charity shop!!

  6. Glad you got your money back! That happened to my sister when she went out clubbing once the girl who served her flat out refused to give her her money back. It was horrible!

  7. What is it about rude op shop ladies? I have great op-shops around me now that I refuse to enter because of the rude ladies!

    Glad you got your cash back!

  8. is this a piece of your brain ... reminds me of one of the greatest episodes of faulty towers!!! and you seem to have been playing out your own episode there! glad you got your cash back though! x

  9. I would have done just the same - its amazing how we automatically say sorry to things we shouldn't!!

    I had an awful time in the op shop the other day, when the elderly lady wouldn't sell me some fabric. She had seen me looking at it, then claimed it was for display only. It had a big chunk already cut out of it. It was of vintage tin can labels. I have been thinking about it ever since. Its not there any more, as i went back to check....!!!XX

  10. some ppl are just mean. at least you got your change back...i would have cried too. hope you have tonnes of fun with the microscope.

  11. Glad you got your chnage back! Although they should have taken YOUR number & called you back as soon as they had counted the till...not good service!
    I always get home after situations like that wishing I had stood up for myself.
    Glad you had some good finds to make up for it. X

  12. Don't you hate that....apologising then instantly regretting it and crying in public for no apparent reason. I feel for you but yet totally understand it.
    Is it me or are the op shop ladies getting grouchier??? I have had incidents with them lately as my little girl is toilet training and they wont let me use the bathroom...i'm fairly certain we dont look like the type to be shooting up in there or anything!!!

  13. Ooh dear, beware the grumpy grannies. Funny how some are so sweet and others...well...Glad to hear that you got your money back. I'd probably not even realise - I'm that useless with money matters!!! And I still, often say sorry unnecessarily...what's with that?!

    Haha, yes can you believe the P.A. jammies for $4.50?! Just that morning I spied my hus in his crappy kmart flannies that I had gotten for him 3 years ago. Numerous times I've thought how I'd love to get him a pair of P.A.'s but cannot justify the cost for something you sleep in. The fabric is so nice though! Funny how these things happen. My mum was a little perturbed even though they look new, so she got herself busy washing and microwaving any possible germs out of them! Teehee.

  14. once, I thought volunteers were always nice, and then I started op shopping... there are lots of nice people, but some sure are mean! I'm glad you got your money back (and the microscope is great!)

  15. Oh I can totally imagine me being in every step of that situation, remember we all have those days!

    Last time I was in an op shop I was grumped at for shopping because 'we aren't actually open', even though it was during their regular hours, the front door was wide open, and there were several other shoppers milling around...

  16. I would have cried. I'm amazed they weren't a bit nicer when you did! And blaming you for one of their under-trained volunteers short-changing you - very poor.

  17. Glad to hear you got your change back. Things like that leave a sour taste in your mouth, don't they? Hope you don't wear out the microscope before the kids are allowed to use it...lol... :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  18. Wow, you wouldn't expect such nasty service in an op shop, especially if it was a church based one. I would have been so angry! I had a microscope set JUST like that when I was a kid, don't know what happened to it, wish I still had it, lucky you for finding one just like it for $5!

  19. Oh my goodness I just want to slap those ladies. Why is it that op shop ladies can be so awful, don't they get the "charity" shop bit?? Poor you, that is just dreadful and makes my blood boil, not their policy, grrrrrrr.

  20. I would have cried too. I would have apologised too. Thats crap Vic, that that happened to you xx

  21. Uggh!! What a bunch of old annoying farts!!! I can see myself doing the exact same thing as you. Crying, apologising for their mistakes. It sucks being the nice person sometimes!!

  22. OK I am with you here.... I'd like to pretend that $30 doesn't matter , that I could just swan on regardless but it is not true....
    I'm glad it worked out but not happy that you had to feel so bad in the process....
    Cool Microscope !

  23. They probably just haven't pooed in a while or something.

    I had one of those "moments" in the yarn shop the other day. I almost cried - but then I put my hand up to her babbling hole and yelled at her!

    I'm not really sure which was worse.

    Not terribly proud of how I dealt with the situation, but she was just SO unreasonable and horrible.

    You're right tho - cool microscope. And you did the right thing. On all accounts. xx

  24. Oh Vic you poor thing, what a yucky thing for you to have to deal with.
    I would have done the same as you, right down to the tears and apology.
    I'm glad you got money back, in the end, but it would have been better and nicer if they were just trusting without putting you through the ringer xo

  25. Good on you for crying. I keep trying that one on my kids, but only one of them ever falls for it. Good to have some practice on outsiders. And I remember having that exact same microscope when I was little. Fun!

  26. I bet it would have been a different story if you had been overpaid and pointed it out...they would of taken the money back quick smart!
    Glad you had a good outcome but they should have been the ones to apologise.
    The microscope is awesome :)

  27. Oh dear! Unfortunately some senior op shop employees don't have the best customer service. Far from it:(
    Once when my daughter was four, she pulled a few stuffed toys from the toy basket and played withe them in a non-traffic area on the floor. The sweet looking little old lady proceeded to blast her for this. I went over, very upset and ended up raising my voice (other customers were giving me the crazy lady look) and left in tears. It really ruined my day. But I have to add that she no longer works there.

  28. that is an awesome microscope. i can't believe they were so crappy to you though! they should have counted the til right then!

  29. ohhh VIc! I would have apologised tooo, just because I would have been so traumatised by the whole thing!

    you know what though, I have a built in policy about shops that are rude & no matter how much I want to go back, i never do, just because I know that customer service is a "necessity" when you are "working" in a customer service job.

    glad the till was over & you got your money back..pheewww ♥

  30. Don't worry -- what goes around comes around. I know just how you feel! But the microscope set is cool!

  31. listen, the microscope makes up for everything. and hooray for tears, they make us ladies stand out, and leave the grumpards way behind.


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