Bravo. (And an important reminder!)

I have been absolutely floored by the quality of the awesome cushion covers my talented swappers have made so far… I knew you guys were special!


If you want to see what I’m on about, there is a linky at the end of this post with a some finished cushion love residing within it; there are going to be some happy bloggers out there soon when the postie swings by, I wish more than one of those beautiful creations were coming to live here… I could be the crazy cushion lady. (Cleaner than cats & they don’t shed hair. I digress….)

If you’re in the Cushion Swap, you’ve got just one week left! Cushions to be sent out on or before the 23rd of May peeps! CONTACT ME ASAP IF YOU’VE ANY ISSUES AT ALL, PLEASE!


  1. I posted mine but feel bad that i didn't make one ESPECIALLY for your swap. I did however stalk the persons blog and chose one i liked but i feel guilty.

  2. I just finished mine an hour ago. I LOVE it and I just hope my swap partner does too.

    I now want to make myself one exactly the same as I made my swapee. Miss Mahli asked me if I made it for her and when I said No, she wasn't one unhappy camper!

  3. Such a beautiful display!

  4. Hey! I finished mine last night too, but don't want to post a full pic til it's been received. It took a fair bit of time, but I tell you, it actually feels pretty good sending something that I'm proud of to a complete (but seems quite lovely on her blog) stranger. I wish I'd mentioned that I don't like buttons though (or did I)? If mine comes covered in buttons I have another home lined up. Oh, the suspense!

  5. so much fun! i enjoyed the making and sending part so much. . . i'd almost forgotten there was one on its way.

    {cath need not worry. i'd be so stoked if i was on the receiving end of one of her beauties}


  6. I've decided that I sound like a looney with the buttons thing. So rest assured that I'll be very mature and love it anyway. Promise.

  7. they look wonderful VIc!
    I must admit..i haven't started, been to the oppie this morning.
    I am going to email you soon.

  8. Better get cracking on mine!
    It's all in my head though - hope it turns out as I expect :)

  9. Hello Vic, I have just come across your great cushion swap, so have missed out on joining in, bugger! They all look gorgeous, must keep an eye out so i can join in next time you do a swap. Have a great day! Julie:)

  10. I just received mine this morning and am astonished - it's so wonderful! I'm posting about it on my blog now.

  11. Question. If you sent your cover ages ago and haven't heard anything from the recipient does it mean
    a) it has gone astray in the mail?

    b) the recipient hates it?!

  12. oh I wish I had seen this swap , the cushions are looking fantastic!!

  13. My beautiful cover from Nicole arrived today, it is gorgeous, left my camera at work so will take a photo tomorrow and post it on my blog, Thanks for hosting a wonderful swap....hugs Kirrily


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