My Place & Yours; New Home.

Deb from Works in Progress has taken on MPAY kids, so head on over & join in for her first go ‘round! This week she wants to see your favourite cup, like this beauty of her own…

(And now, for reals this time; over and out. xx)


  1. Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sad to read this. I've just got into blogging again and was updated my reader to discover you have stopped blogging. I think I might go have a wee sob now :( Will still read back though to see what you have been up too and how your beautiful kiddies have grown. All the best xx

  2. I'm going to miss you Vic, yours was one of the first blogs I started reading. I hope you have a wonderful happy blog free life filled with lots of real friends (ones that you can actually touch and see, I mean). Good luck xx

  3. For one second I thought you were back :)

  4. Sorry to see you go - thanks for all the fun posts - take care x


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