My Place and Yours; On The Wall.

Wow. I got one whole post in between memes. I guess that’s better than none….?


This week’s theme is an easy one for my poor sick self – it requires no tidying or making pretty.


Show us what’s on your wall! Your kitchen wall, your bedroom wall, both or neither, let us have a bit of a sticky beak!


My Place & Yours starts on Saturday but you can join in any day throughout the week, just follow these easy guidelines;

  • Link back here somewhere in your MPAY post so that people know where to come to join in – the more the merrier!
  • To play, take a photo or a bunch of photos of or relating to the theme & leave the link to your post in the list below. The photos can be as fancy pants & stylised as you like, or they can be quick & dirty via a phone pic – whatever you like. If you would like to write a little something, a lot of something or nothing at all, that’s cool with me too.
  • Do try to pop by & visit some of the other players & let them know what you think of their posts.


  1. Hope you feel better soon - will have to do a quick look around for things on the wall

  2. great bunch of frames, there's a lot of interest there in the different sizes and styles and materials. Gorgeous Vic.

    PS May you be on the mend fast!

  3. There's not much on our walls as its a rental
    and hardly ANY hooks.

    I hope you're feeling better soon Miss Vic!XXX
    (ps. what size clothes is the Punk in?)

  4. I love the girl in the purple dress and the frame she lives in too!

    And kids art work, I just cannot wait til I have kids and can put kids art work up!!

  5. YAY! love this theme Vic, and it's a nice easy one to do for me too.
    Hope you feel better soon. Poor poppet xo

  6. Love your random frames Vic, they look great! I can't believe I missed the 'outside' theme last week, kind of lost track of the days...oh well I'm organised this week!
    Hope you feel better soon. J x

  7. I love all the things on your wall, i cant wait to have my own place where we can hang whatever we like on our walls...private lets dont allow you to hang things up :(

  8. Your wall decor is lovely. I need to get myself some of those plate hangers I think.

  9. mmm - I think I may have suggested this one right at the beginning and now I 'm not sure what to do...I think I have already posted lots of wall shots....wouldn't want to bore my readers!
    I do love your vintage composition. Sending get well wishes.

  10. Ok I kinda faked it, but I hope you don't mind :) It still has a picture of a wall in it!!!!!

  11. Yay! I finally got my act together to take part in your meme.

  12. What a lot of great things on your wall. I love any excuse to nose around other peoples homes and ideas!!

  13. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has trouble managing a post in between the memes I'm in too! :))
    Some sweet things on your walls Vic. Esp loving the retro/vintage lovelies on the wall in the first pic. Those little girls are rather special! x

  14. Get well soon Luverly ... love the sweet choices on your walls ;)

  15. You have quite an eclectic collection of wall art, which is so sweet. Love having kid's art around too.

  16. loving your wall!
    Peppa pig is quite the favourite round here too.
    I am playing along..I have been a slack friend...sorry ♥

  17. I hope you feel better soon sweet. I love your little collection of pretty pieces there. Thanks for hosting again. xxx

  18. We just love Peppa Pig here... like so much we have to race home to watch her!!!

  19. Thank you for inspiring me to photograph my walls in Samoa, I now have documented memories of the space I have occupied most of the my time here. Love the copper birds.


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