That’s not even all of them. I upgraded my old iPod with a new (second-hand & a ridiculous bargain) one that had a camera JUST so that I could Instagram, it’s a true, if sad, story.

So eager was I to play that I jumped right in with some seriously bad pictures taken in terrible lighting that I didn’t even like myself & then I thought “Well this is pretty crap, actually”. I even said as much, grandly declaring “I don’t like Instagram!” to anyone that would listen… but then I went back….

Oh. I. Love. It.

I’ve taken more photos of the kids lately than I have with my camera for ages – at this precise moment, I don’t even know where my camera IS. It’s so easy just to grab the iPod out of my pocket & take a snap. It’s fun. It’s inspiring following the tags to other #dachshund #baby #country #breakfast #vintage photos (…not together mind you, although, that would be an interesting photo…) & it seems more personal than twitter but it’s just as fast, as Bianca said, it’s like blogging but without all the words…. we all know a picture is worth a thousand of those anyway.

So, if it’s too quiet over here & you’re wondering what I’m up to, you know where I’ll be.


  1. i hear ya!
    Totally addictagrammed.

  2. My 3500 photos welcome you :D

    1. I have a LOT of catching up to do... ;) (drop your phone in the toilet why don't you - give me a chance at least...)

  3. Oh gosh, yes - I am totally addictigramed. I love it...and love it some more...and then I smear it with chocolate icing and love it more and more!

  4. You are making me envious again!
    Love the idea of photos saying all the words for us.

    (and that is a cool pipe cleaner sausage dog!)X

  5. ell that looks like something I will have to try and avoid I think although it looks like you are having fun with it. There's some lovely photos in there.

  6. I am totally addictagramed! I love it. I'm doing the feb photo a day challenge from fat mum slim at the moment.

  7. I love your instagrams. They are thoughtful and beautiful and there is a lot of sausage xx

  8. Oh yes, another instagramaddict here as well!

  9. couldn't have said it better myself.
    it sure it Addictagram and all the things you said!
    and good for slow coaches like me who can't hack twitter

  10. Totally addicted too - it is truly wonderful - I love it! Nic x

  11. See that's not fair. You said it was crap so I stopped caring that I couldn't do it and now you're telling me it's good and now I really want a thing that I can do it with again!!

  12. As a general rule, I despise cell phones. THIS could change my mind. The shots look great and really fun! I'm loving the dachshund tag :). Hours of fun.

  13. Lovely picures. I take almost all of my photos on my phone and hardly use my camera now. Too easy. Cx

  14. Yep, I agree.
    First i was like "whats all this fuss about?" and now i bring it up in every conversation i can fit it into.
    Insagram is the new facebook.

  15. totally awesome!! your pictures speak a gazillion words ♥


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