Now you are 3!


It was Le Punk’s birthday yesterday, I can’t believe how quickly 3 years have flown by – especially since these last weeks with Suspense seem to have gone by rather slowly!


She had a wonderful day, full of presents, an indoor playground visit with her nanny, surprises (the dummy fairy came, took away her dummy & brought her a fairy!) & way too much sugar. I totally stole the birthday pancakes idea… thanks Kate!


My cake making efforts were dismal this year, I knew they would be & hoped to get away with an easy option – a giant cupcake using a silicone baking mould… not such a great idea when one has never used such a contraption before, or when one has an incredibly dodgey oven… Cake fail. Thankfully, for a Punk, lashings of pink icing & handfuls of M&Ms fix all problems…


Happy Birthday again to my precious Punky, I love you more than ice-cream & surprise kisses!



PS, Lola, I think we need to put in an order for a couple more of these fabulous dresses, in the next size up…!


  1. happy birthday to miss punk! she looks so cute in the photo with the barbie!
    and that giant cupcake looks delicious :D

  2. Happy birthday to your big girlie!
    Wow 3! How's she coping without the dummies?
    And yay for the pancake stack, its such a winner here these days too. X

  3. Oh my lord, look at that girl! What a beautiful amazing child, happy birthday to you sweet one!
    You know, I was just thinking that I love those dresses and need to draft the next sizes up! Any fabric preferences?

  4. happy birthday!

    I love that last picture, she looks like such a little lady :)

  5. Heck, where is your little girl? She has grown so much. Happy birthday Punk!

  6. Yay Le Punk!!! Woot woot!!! Three!! I will be chatting to MsLola about said dress too...

  7. Happy Birthday Miss Punk!!!
    How great is that purple haired fairy???!!X

  8. H birthday, Le Punk! My cupcake cake was bit of a fail too, I'm blaming the silicone pan thing!Gorgeous dress!!

  9. Happy Birthday to Miss Punk, my little man will be 3 on Friday, where does the time go?
    Now PLEASE PLEASE tell Me how you managed to persuade her to give up the dummy!

    Beki x

  10. Glad to see Punk had a lovely day... and hopefully many more :) Best wishes, Jenny

  11. Three - happy birthday big girl - Baden is three in a few weeks - where has the time flewn VIc?

  12. Such a sweet girl!

    I love her "out of bed" hair look, love the cake, and the dress :).

    Happy birthday, little girl.

    By the way, cool dummy-solution! ;)



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