Isn’t it Ironic…

…that I am probably “online” more than I have ever been – one handed via the iPod while Suspence is feeding or sleeping or crying in my arms – yet am blogging less than ever?!

(*please note that the following pictures have absolutely nothing to do with anything, they’re just some favourites taken recently…)


It is very near impossible to blog from my iPod kids, & just as hard to keep up with the blogs I read – commenting on them is quite the pain in the proverbial… but as I keep saying; I MISS YOU! Really & truly & would like to “hang out” with you again – but until Suspence is, oh, I don’t know… 12, My blog is going to be verrrrrrry quiet…


…so, I may have a temporary answer at the very least – I’ve just this moment, while Suspence is looking at me accusingly & starting to whimper – created a facebook page for the blog here.


Come & ‘like’ it & we can chat! Share your blog posts with me there if you like, or photos, links to your own fb pages or cute things to buy or make or tricks to get babies to sleep on their own… whatever you like & I will be there… A LOT. Like even at 3am. I might not make much sense then, but it’s the sleep deprived thought that counts.

…and if you don’t “do” facebook (because you have stronger resolve than I!), I will, eventually be back… but damn I can’t see when. I am so very crap at being a mother of two!


  1. Good luck with everything, and look forward to hearing from you back here in 'Blogland' from time to time :) Best wishes, Jenny

  2. Never, ever, ever think that you are crap at being a Mum. It's damn hard work and the gorgeous smiles and happy kiddos means that you are the best MUM to them. It may not actually get easier but I guarantee if will FEEL a whole lot easier sometime soon. I "woke up" one day and realised my son was 9 months old. I'd just been going on auto doing what needed to be done - they were happy, fed and clothed and we went on quite happily after that. Hope you feel better about things soon :)

  3. I second what quilary said!

    I can relate though! Ayla is 5 and a half weeks old and Izzy is 2.5 and it is damn hard work... and trying to blog is mostly near impossible.. I can imagine it will only get harder.

    Love those chubby bubba pics.. adorable :)

  4. this is the first thing ever that has made think seriously about joining facebook. I miss you that much xo

  5. Hang in there! Blog land will always be there for you - your kids are only ever going to be babies once - so enjoy them.
    My blog is also being neglected, but, I am not superwoman, so I will get back to it when I can. Playing and feeding my kids is much more important at the moment (and the small issue that I should be packing up the house to move to Hong Kong, well, the fairies will do this, right?)
    Love chubba bubba too, squish!

  6. Stop that ;-) You're not crap, good grief girl you're doing beautifully look at how gorgeous your two sweeties are. Bummer that there's no apprenticeship, winging is the way and you're braining it. I know what you mean as my blog suffers too but it's always still there! See you wherever you are when you get a mo to spare. Huge Hugs. xoxoxoxo

  7. :) Punky and you have the same smile. Like it!

    And shut up - you're a cool mum! :)

  8. Now snap out of that. You're being way too hard on yourself. You'll find your bloggy moments. Don't sweat it. And every mum has their crap moments but doesn't mean you're crap. Gee sus if you were brilliant your kids would grow up to be whiny little saps and you don't want that. They need a bit of a reality check every now and then. Go blog. Facebook. Stew some fruit. Change a nappy. Whatever. It'll all get done.

  9. Oh such cuteness! Great pics!
    I will have to wait for you to surface here and there...just cannot do fb!
    Hang in there...I get ya ;)

  10. Oh I know JUST what you mean!! Spending all that time, feeding the tiny one, watching the world get on with things and wanting to comment and chat and its just too hard with a thumb and an ipod. And in my case shakey hands too ;) But you, know what? I reckon your absence is the sign of someone who has their priorities in order, and that's a luffly thing. Isn't that Suspence just gorgous and squishable? Love to you. x

  11. My crappest monent of being a mum of two was sitting on the couch breastfeeding my fussy newborn while I watched wee run down my toddler's legs and soaking his socks, because I'd forgotten to change his nappy all day. Maybe I should call it my pissiest moment rather than crappest?

  12. You're doing an awesome job of feeding that baby, he has rolls on his rolls :-)
    Love his smile too, you are doing more than "something" right!


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