Can’t buy me love…


But thanks to some lovely, generous people, you can buy a bit of comfort & assistance to go towards the QLD flood relief efforts.

We have been in tears this morning, hearing about the devastation that is unfolding at the top of our country; the loss of life is shocking – The Boy was telling me earlier about a little four year old boy who was actually IN the rescue boat yet was still swept away… it doesn’t bare thinking about, my heart aches for him, his parents, the rescuers, everyone that has been lost & who has lost.

Show your support by supporting some of the fabulous people that have been organising fundraising auctions on facebook & around blogland; just some of the auctions I have found so far;

  • Flick Will Fix It is holding an auction on facebook, donations so far range from Pettiskirts to web design.
  • Possum Pouches are continuing with their fundraising efforts here.
  • A fabulous nappy maker has set up an auction page here, nappies & baby items are pouring in.
  • Handmade Kids are compiling their generous donations right now, for the auction beginning on the 14th.
  • Oz Material Girls are gearing up for a big auction too.
  • Blogger auctions & raffles co-ordinated via Make It Perfect.

Of course you don’t need to buy anything to donate, you can do so directly right here.

This is the second time I have posted this today – in the first I was musing about whether to auction a drawing or something to raise funds too, but somehow I felt a bit uncomfortable with that option the more I thought about it. Instead I just want to put the spotlight on all of the other people who have already done so much; Please support any or all of the above fundraisers, donate what you can & please, keep everyone who is affected in your thoughts; they are going to need all of our strength to get through this.

Stay safe. xo


  1. One of your awesome robot pics Vic......
    I'm raffling on my blog too.

  2. Oh yes, an auction & raffle & giveaway on my blog too tomorrow, through the Qld Flood Appeal Auctions headed up by Toni from Make It Perfect blog. Check it out, love Posie

  3. The storey of the 4 yr old boy falling out the rescue boat is one of the many that has got to us too and especially my 12 yr old girl who imediately thought of her 4 yr old brother. That night she was screaming out his name in her sleep. I decided to turn off the tv after that and watch without the kids around.


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