the little tea zine….

I had such a lovely suprise in the mail this afternoon – a cute little parcel of tea-themed goodness from Isis.


A while back Isis put out the call for tea-themed contributions for a zine she wanted to make, I sent her a drawing & she included it for me – very nice of her considering the pool of talent I now know she had contributing! I’m sorry Isis love – my Miss Teapot is positively outclassed!


Anywho – the finished zine is A M A Z I N G. Beautiful, cute, funky, clever & just… well… just my cup of tea. There are tea-themed crafts to make, reviews to read, recipes to drool over, stories to savour… I can’t believe how much dear Isis has been able to fit into this little gem & just how fabulous it all is. Truly! Perfect for sitting down in your favourite armchair with an iced vovo, & yes; a cup of tea. You might need a pot of tea actually, if you plan on getting through everything in just one sitting.

If you would like to see for yourself, you can buy it here for just $5 AND you get a free tea-themed badge!

If you are feeling lucky, you might want to tell me what your favourite drop of tea is in the comments below. I have two copies of this tea-riffic (ha! I kill me!) little zine & I’m giving one away. I’m keeping the badge though. Sorry.



  1. It looks so cute (and I love your Little Miss Teatime)!

    My everyday cuppa is Twinnings Simply Tea - because it's good! And I do like English Breakfast or Lady Grey when I want to go fancy.

  2. Chai! love my chai masala. Real tea that is, not syrup or powder.
    I try to get it just like they make it in the Chai tent at St Andrews Market but can never *quite* get it ginger-y enough.
    If I can't have Chai I love Russian Caravan.

    the little zine looks great! Well done for being featured :)

  3. oh I haven't thought of the chai tent at St. Andrew's market in years (and am now feeling slightly old). Sweet memories.
    I quite like tea with my neighbour at the bus stop (her house!) after the kids have gone to school. Is always accompanied by lots of chat.

  4. I like anything with a bit of peppermint and a bit of licorice in it and I love your little miss teatime, love!

  5. My fave is peppermint with gunpowder ixed in it.

    I am also quite partial to Lady Grey.

    I love in a teapot.

    With milk and sugar and a biccy, and a magazine and a bird singing in a tree beside me as a swing in the hammock...

  6. Hey there,
    My everyday cuppa is always Lipton's Intense (mmmmm.... what does that say about me exactly????). I also love a good English Breakfast and Ginger Tea is divine at times too.
    I absolutely detest Lady Grey. To me its akin to drinking perfume. So there you have it.
    I hope this finds you well. Congrats on the new edition to the family. I know our paths will eventually cross when the timing is right. Anyway you asked for a comment not a bloody essay!
    Me :)

  7. your drawing is right up there Miss Vic!
    Hmm, gotta love Chai, but happy with an English Breakfast. :)

  8. My favourite tea is like this zine.....HOT (off the press), BLACK (the colour printing), and STRONG (to hold all of the amazing gems you mentioned) :) Fingers crossed, Jenny :)

  9. Hi nice to see you back and as a published illustrator no less! Your sense of humour still intact - those kidlets must be treating you well!
    A pot of Billy tea (the brand - maybe in a billy if possible) in the 'tea for one' pot given to me for Christmas by my littlest miss.

  10. Love your artwork Vic. Can I have your autograph? Always love a good English Breakfast but at the moment love my Chai milk before I go to bed.

  11. I like earl grey,i love the bergamot flavour!

    On another note,I also enjoy reading Brautigan :)

  12. What is there anything but Lanchoo? We drink a lot of tea in our house. My 19-year-old said yesterday I get my daily calcium intake through the tea I drink, some 5mL at a time.

  13. Chai with milk, definitely. Delicious. Yummy. ... mh, I might get me some...! :)

    Your Tea Lady is gorgeous, and Vic, you are just too humble.

    Hope everything is fine with you and your loved ones. Happy 2011! :)

  14. I love Chai, and also have a really good cinnamon blend here too :)


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