Playing With Dolls.


Punk & I have been playing with dolls today – I got my first ever Blythe yesterday (Isis, look away now) and am officially in dolly love. She’s not even my ‘first choice’ girl – she is STILL on lay-by, but oh my she is lovely, and so much better than my fakie basaak in so many ways… so I gave her (the fakie) to Le Punk, who, in the course of an afternoon, managed to ‘scalp’ her three times, pull of a leg, frizz up her hair & cover in chocolate chip muffin. Quite obviously, she is adored.


As is my girl, just a bit more… sedately.


I have named her ‘Vida’ after the main female character in my favourite Richard Brautigan novel, she is a ‘Milky Way Sugar’ Blythe, which reminded me of another of Richard Brautigan’s novels ‘Watermelon Sugar’, so, I mean, of course I’d name her something from a different book entirely….


Her gorgeous ensemble above was a gift from an old friend, who I am now convinced has some sort of sixth-fashion-sense, because a more perfect dress for Vida I cannot imagine…


…and the ‘phase’ has only gotten stronger. It is actually quite hard to explain… not to anybody else that likes Blythe, they already ‘get it’, but to someone who wonders what the sudden attraction to a somewhat unconventional looking doll (or any doll for that matter) could possibly be for a grown woman… and I’m sure more than one of you reading this is asking yourself that…


…and honestly… I don’t know what to tell you, except that playing with this thing today has been really, really fun…!


  1. She's gorgeous, I'm sure it was the best fun! I love her sweet dress...

  2. Veda is lovely! I am ashamed to admit that I really had no idea about Blythe dolls (other than some great pics on flickr)... I am off to investigate more...

  3. WHy hello Veda :)

    She sure has lovely long dark hair. Her icy blue eye chips are delightful too.

  4. Veda is gorgeous. I adore your fascination, which demonstrates what a sweet, beautiful person you are ... enjoy to your hearts content. xo

  5. *Yippie!* What a pretty girl you have there (I am ever-so-slightly biased though, having my own MWS!!)... Thanks too for following my little dolly b'log - much appreciated :) *ditto*

  6. There is a whole community about Blythe! Check out ThisIsBlythe.com & their forum. The community is absolutely amazing. I own several myself and one of the draws is how nice everyone is, and how much fun everyone has photographing their dolls and doing doll meets and what not. If you poke around you'll see Blythe the other dolls Blythe enthusiasts collect as well, and of course there are tons of Flickr groups for dolls and Blythe.

    I drift in & out as my attention span goes to other things, but I don't think I'll ever get rid of my Blythes. Or my Robert Tonner dolls--I own more of those than Blythes.


  7. V she looks beautiful I saw her late last night in my thumbnails! Definate standout in that dress so I clicked on them too see more of her! Beautiful choice for your first blythe.. I see you have felt the real "blythe" aura that seem too have..I think there will be many more too come.. Veda will need a friend! At least your daughter gets a doll that is similar to yours that you can "do" together, dress, photograph etc... there is no stopping you now!

  8. Im in love with her haha your actually converting me to dark haired blythes, go figure! :P

    and yes, don't even try to explain it, the whole obsession/love to there's because they don't get it ;) trust me!
    it is exciting though if somebody comes over and sees them and is kinda all "why do you have dolls" and then the more they see them the more they love them too, and then play with them and point out awesome photo spots on weekends (mil is guilty of this haha)

    enjoy her, and ill keep an eye out for more fashion, im glad you like the dress


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