My Place and Yours.

Loved the pincushions everybody shared for MPAY last week, didn’t you? I had a couple of favourites, like the human pincushion, the pincushion I wanted for myself & a HUGE pincushion, but it was lovely to see all the different kinds & read about why they were special, or neglected, or around at all. Kellee even chose to make her bloggy debut with MPAY; honoured much??

The whole lovely list is here.

And now. Drumroll?


This week’s theme is….

“Where I sleep”


Suggested by the lovely Lauren. Me thinks there will be some interesting posts this week…


  • My Place & Yours starts on Saturday but you can join in any day throughout the week.


  • Link back here somewhere in your MPAY post so that people know where to come to join in – the more the merrier!


  • To play, take a photo or a bunch of photos of or relating to the theme & leave the link to your post in the list below. The photos can be as fancy pants & stylised as you like, or they can be quick & dirty via an instagram pic – whatever you like. If you would like to write a little something, a lot of something or nothing at all, that’s cool with me.


  • Do try to pop by & visit some of the other players & let them know what you think of their posts, won’t you?

  • (Pics via flickr: top, bottom)


    1. Nice theme Vic ... must be lots of bed making happening out there for me to be first :~)
      Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

    2. Oh sleep how I miss sleep. Would like to play along this week too, but we'll see how we go. Might end up having an impromptu nap while snapping away ( if my little one will let me). Oh goodness I feel sleepy now. Hope that will explain this comment that seems to have no rhyme or reason.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend and plenty of sleep!

    3. Thought this was a great idea, so I hope you don't mind me joining in.
      Not where I sleep (although my husband often drops off there!) but my daughter makes a much cuter shot.

    4. What a great idea .... and I now the bed is made as well.... bonus!!! Thanks for another great theme~!

    5. Thanks Vic for hosting:) I thought I'd give it a go this week, much more organised than last week;) xo

    6. Have just had a look at the other mpay posts and it seems that cats and dogs rule!
      ps I got a word verification today MOMPOCH ! Had me laughing. Sounds like a hideous disease only mums get!

    7. Hi there! I'm really enjoying this so i thought I'd join in this week x

    8. oh cool! my pin cushion featured! will totally be back this week to join in when I've gotten over the aftermath of blogtoberfest!

    9. Hooray! I think I've posted everything correctly and added a link in your linky thing and now I'm taking part in your thingy thing! Beware, though, there is mess and wood panelling...

    10. Not only did I have to make the bed, but a lot of 'cropping' happened too:)

    11. Great theme for me this week since I have been sick this week. Thanks for hosting. Very cute photos for your contribution.


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