My Place And Yours

Whoa – last week just flew by! Here we are in Saturday again already…

Many thanks to everyone who played My Place and Yours last week, I loved seeing what was on your shelves & I’m so glad you had fun joining in, if you missed it you can have a snoop around here.

The Twitter decided the giveaway winner for me;


That’s you Lisa of Sweet Little Pretties! Email me with your postal deets & I will send you the naughtiest knitting book you ever did see.

This week’s theme was suggested by Nic, my favourite textile designer (honestly, there was a time when I would have bet my life I would never in fact have such a thing as a “favourite textile designer”);

“My Pin Cushion”.

I would like to hazard a guess that most people, even if they don’t really sew, have a pin-cushion somewhere in their house. I know I had one of those tomato ones kicking around here from some dodgy travel sewing kit my Gran gave me well before I would have considered ever using one, it’s just one of those things that seems to hang around.


If you DO sew however, you may have a special pin cushion, you may have a fancy one, or a simple one you made yourself. It may have a story or it may just be the cheapest one you could find in the craft store, whatever it is, we want to see it.

  • My Place & Yours starts on Saturday but you can join in any day throughout the week.

  • Link back here somewhere in your MPAY post so that people know where to come to join in – the more the merrier!

  • To play, take a photo or a bunch of photos of or relating to the theme & leave the link to your post in the list below. The photos can be as fancy pants & stylised as you like, or they can be quick & dirty via an instagram pic – whatever you like. If you would like to write a little something, a lot of something or nothing at all, that’s cool with me.

  • If you play, please take the time to visit some of the other players; that’s the whole point!


  1. Oh no . I just knew there was something missing from my life. I HAVE NO PIN CUSHION! What does this say about my existence as a crafter. I'm a phony!

  2. Yay I won! Thankyou - I will email you shortly

    I have one of those tomato pin cushions too - I don't use it though! Will do a post now!


  3. Thanks, Vic! I will be back tomorrow to post my pin cushion with gusto! Nic

  4. Thanks Vic, I will go dig out the pincushion in a bit and join in again this week.

  5. Yikes taklk about great minds ... another reason why I love MYAP ... good one Vic :)

  6. Hello again , thanks for the game !

  7. Great idea... now which pincushion to choose...

  8. I have a couple of felt pin cushions I made but they are all packed up with my sewwing stuff ready to move.

  9. You've done well Vic... you didn't post a stapler or double sided tape...lol... I have just 'posted' my pincushion :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  10. I have no pin cushion. Feel like a bad crafter now!

  11. Just have taken photos and found out how disgraceful my pincushion collection is as well, maybe should have voted for "secret" stash instead!

  12. Pin cushion posted ... now to check out everyone else's!

  13. An impressive pincushion for sure. I like it lots and lots. Sort of zakka-ish.

  14. Your pin cushion is very cute -I love gingham! Thanks for hosting this and I hope that is alright to have a long post incorporating the theme.

  15. Hi there, new to your great blog and have just scraped in with a pin cushion post!! looking forward to checking out all the other posts!!!


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